:: vulnerability ::


I’m on a journey with vulnerability, specifically chewing on my fears of being seen by people whom are not comfortable with emotional authenticity. This is a deep wound/lesson/passion that I’ve discovered drives a lot of the creative and healing work I offer.


Today I took my tenderness and vulnerability for a walk in the woods. I asked my vulnerability if it has something to tell me. This is what it said.

“Your sensitivity is your strength. Your vulnerability is important. Your tenderness is important.”


“I know that you’re scared to show your vulnerability, tenderness, and authentic emotions based on past experiences. I also know that you champion vulnerability and pattern-break from ancestral patterns. You champion authenticity and accountability. You feel enraged when people feel they have to hide their authenticity and feelings for fear of being labelled “too emotional”. You feel grief for the world/society/culture that has taught us to do that and the choked-off emotions of generations past.”


The motivation for this journey was the shame. The “toughen up”. The “keep your chin up”. The “when we feel low, we should do what we can to uplift ourselves,” (implying that the state that we are in is wrong/should be changed).


The map that led me through this territory was The Power Of Vulnerability TED talk by @brenebrown
The goal was to set these ghosts and patterns to rest so that I may move forward strong.
The unexpected gifts that I received were:
“I accept my tender and vulnerable heart.”
“I am worthy of loving, emotionally authentic connections.”
“I am enough.”