Don’t Judge The Line.



Gentle evening, beautiful folk,

I wanted to talk about creating, specifically drawing. I wonder how many of you draw? And I wonder how many of you think that you can’t draw.
If you replied in the positive to that last question, then I wanted to share something with you.

It doesn’t matter.
It doesn’t matter if you think that you can’t draw.
It doesn’t matter if someone once told you that your drawing didn’t meet their standards.
It doesn’t matter if you once drew a picture and then threw it away because in your eyes it wasn’t good enough.
It doesn’t matter.
I’ll honour your feelings always, and from that place of respect I’ll tell you it doesn’t matter. Not to me.

If you have any fears along the lines of “but what if it’s not as pretty/ intricate / beautiful as the pictures that I’ve seen,” then I would like to invite you to take a moment and trust.
Trust in yourself.
Trust in the desire that has you picking that pen or pencil and pausing, poised, over that sheet of paper.
Trust in the lines. Trust in the colours. Trust in the shapes.

I know.
It can be hard to trust.
A blank sheet of paper is daunting. The mind tries to think how to fill it. And creativity doesn’t flow if we think too much about it. But if we have simple foundations, like a shape of geometry, a simple structure for us to build upon, then shape follows shape. Line follows line.This is our Soul flowering and flowing.
To make one mark on a blank sheet of paper takes courage. There is no right way or wrong way to draw. There is no pretty or ugly. The line just is. It doesn’t ask for your judgement.

What will you create?