aboutmeHailing from the north east of England, and living wherever her heart takes her, Debra works with a variety of healing and creative modalities to craft prose, pictures, and healing experiences to guide your soul home.

She is passionate about embodying the truth of the heart and believes that when we connect with this vital gateway, our entire being flourishes. We shine. We heal physically, mentally, and emotionally. We create. We are balanced. We are empowered. We allow ourselves and life to flow.

She specialises in shamanic ceremony (healing journeys, soul / power retrieval, extraction), Conscious Breathwork (Re-Birth), Reiki, Marma Therapy (an Ayurvedic balancing treatment), and Christos Technique (working with past/ alternate life experiences), using one, or a blend of these modalities to suit the client’s needs. She also offers Mantra & Mandala workshops and prints of her intuitive artwork, and is currently writing her first novel, a speculative fiction adventure inspired by her spiritual journey thus far.

She has trained with schools and practitioners in India and the UK, alongside drawing and writing from an early age, and receiving a BA (Hons) degree in Creative Writing. Her own healing journey motivated a deep dive into holistic therapies where she turned to Reiki, Ayurveda, and Shamanism to regain a state of joy, strength, and health. Reiki created the loving space for her heart to breathe and receive. Shamanic ceremony enabled her to welcome back soul parts and power, transmute energetic bonds of self-limiting beliefs, and reclaim her creativity. The knowledge of Ayurveda helped her regain the healthy balance in diet and lifestyle that supports the very best version of herself to shine. Creativity gave her the tools to not only express herself but to alchemise her inner state of being and discover jewels. Training in and offering a ‘masala’ (blend) of these modalities has become her life’s most enjoyable work.

She is inspired by courage, by prayer, by vulnerability. She believes in the loving power of the heart, surrender, and the Infinite. She is delighted by co-creation, kindness, and hand-knitted socks.

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